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Acme Health Services, Inc.

Local: 317-257-3545

Toll Free: 855-342-3962




Acme Health Services, Inc. is associated with a group of physicians who make house calls. These physicians provide primary care in the home setting. The licensed physicians are accompanied by a medical assistant and can perform most procedures and examinations that can be done in an office setting.


House Call Physicians, can typically schedule a home visit within 48 hours of receiving your call. House Call Doctors can alleviate the complications and expense of transporting the patients to the doctor’s office or clinics.


House Call Physicians can:

* Perform most typical examinations

* Give injections

* Draw blood and collect fluids for all lab work

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House Call Physicians

We appreciate your interest in Academy Heath Services, Inc. We enjoy sharing our patients story with you and hope that you will contact us to see how we can be of help to you, or one of your loved ones.


Contact Information:

Acme Health Services, Inc.

6302 Rucker Road, Suite J

indianapolis, IN 46220

Local: 317-257-3545

Toll Free: 800-729-3545

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