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Acme Health Services, Inc.

Local: 317-257-3545

Toll Free: 855-342-3962

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By guest, Jul 28 2015 08:30PM

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Mar 15 2019 12:37AM by Angela Magno

I am a registered nurse that has been employed at Acme Health Services for 3 1/2 years and have been very pleased with the way the company treats it's employees. The Clinical Director, Yvonne Grigsby, is pleasant to work for and is very experienced in managing clinical and office staff. The administrative staff is very sensitive to the needs of the employees, and very dedicated to providing detail-oriented, effective home health care. I am very proud to work for such a reputable company that provides excellent care to it's patients. I love working on a team to facilitate the best coordination of care. It is always so nice to hear how patient's are highly satisfied with Acme's services and caregivers. Whether it be a nurse, therapist, or home health aide, Acme's staff tend to bring a personal touch to each an every one of their patients, unlike other large home health care providers. I am certain this company will be able to meet all your home care needs and with above average service.

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